Sunday, November 29, 2009

knitted christmas ornaments and tree topper

ok, amber again.

i really like the holidays. i have thought for a good, long time about knitting all the ornaments for a christmas tree one day. and this year, i did it. i am surprised that of all the years i COULD have done it, i managed it in the year i have two children under the age of two, but in a way that was the point -- we needed a very childproof tree this year, so all new, cool-to-touch LED lights -- and knitted ornaments -- were the way to go.

i used ornament "patterns" from debbie new's "unexpected knitting". the star-shaped tree topper is just a larger version of her star-shaped ornament. i really loved knitting the double-funnel pieces, but also did squares, lantern shapes, and spherical things. all the ornaments were blocked with a combination of water and elmer's glue. most were then stitched to embroidery hoops to keep their shape, but the spherical ones had balloons blown up into them. the blocking was much more irritating to me than the knitting. the knitting went very fast and was easy to carry to the playground, etc.

happy holidays!

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