Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Tools

Carly needed her needles back to start the left front before she'd finished the right front, so she improvised a stitch holder.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

ben is handsome and his sweater is all linen.

yes, you can make a linen sweater! it's harder on the hands than wool but not that bad. in fact it might just be the kind of hard that makes you get stronger rather than the kind that destroys you.

without rosie's yarn cellar's expertise ben would still be wearing his disgusting workout shirt that looked like a used swiffer, just because i thought the seams on it made him look sexy. now, he has a beautiful linen sweater that looks better every time we wash it. he loves the feel of this sweater and so do i. he said that the first time he wore it to the office, people were genuflecting, but i think he was kidding. we call it his "lion in winter" sweater or sometimes "brother cadfael" or "friar tuck".

the hat and moebius yarn came from rosie's too but it was years ago so i don't know what they are. i don't know what the linen is either. maybe euroflax.

linen sweaters are completely worth the effort.