Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i am not "knithappy", i am amber dorko stopper. and i can't remember my login. but i want to show off my daughter in her new cotton tunic.

while i knit all summer long, i am not that interested in "summer knitting"-- but wanted to make something for my daughter to wear before autumn.

this tunic is from the "knitting pure and simple little girl's sundress or jumper" pattern and is knit in nashua's creative focus ecologie cotton in "chestnut".

the pattern is very easy to resize -- it barely requires any math, and can just be done with eyeballing. it's a toddler-sized pattern and claudia is only three months old.

this may very well be the one garment she is wearing next summer too, as a top. i made the armholes extra deep so that it might be possible.

i also added a folded picot edge, as that extra weight gives the bottom of the garment some swing, which is cute as heck.

as you can see, claudia's very amenable to having her photograph taken.