Tuesday, October 27, 2009

halloween 2009: johnny rotten and sid vicious (by amber)

this is probably the last year my children will allow me to dress them the way i want to dress them for halloween. i anticipate that next year i will have to honor requests for disney princesses and star wars or other things i do not care for.

so i wanted to make the most of this year. and yet, my kids are both toddlers who are very mobile and into telling me "NO." i knew their costumes would have to be as close to street clothes as possible, or there would be an instant meltdown.

and so: johnny rotten and sid vicious.

claudia is johnny because of her sense of superiority, her lack of respect for authority, and her political activism. lisa myers helped me get the striped mohair sweater right; i hope that both babies will get some more wear out of it this winter. it was knit in le gran mohair.

the headpiece (i hesitate to say "wig") is a bit... hyperbolic, i think someone called it. just as much ronald mc donald as johnny rotten. but come on, it's halloween. the headpiece was made, like the sweater, with le gran mohair. it began as a piece of knitting, and then sort of spread into sewing and latchhook -- with some tucking, felting, and a little mod podge.

béla is sid vicious, because he is more of a follower than a leader (so far); and, he's a softie, although he tries to make it seem otherwise. also, he had the hair for it naturally. the only thing that was knit for his costume is his chain and bike lock. that was just stash yarn -- it might have been baby ull.

i have already learned to get the "official" halloween picture before the actual parties and events on halloween -- it makes for a much more relaxed holiday. happy halloween! oh, and DESTROY.


EmilyG said...

Too cute!!!!!

Lisa said...

That is just too insanely cute!!! I hope the Disney princesses are a long way off for you!

Heather said...

Dear God, this is awesome!

JJ said...

I LOVE your costumes. I thought the pile of leaves was particularly inspired, but this is just too fun! And how did you end up with 2 toddlers of about the same age? I'm surprised you're able to function normally let alone be this creative!