Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Koigu Acquistion Days and More!

Here are some pics or Pam and Claire's projects we snagged on a recent "Koigu Acquisition Day" (hereon referred to as "KAD").
They come in every now and then to get their fix and we are always happy to oblige.
Pam's got a lovely Koigu Rambling Rows baby blanket going on and Claire's Noni Bag is to die for!! Okay, so it's not Koigu but WOW! An excellent knitter, felter, and seamstress!
Simply amazing, ladies.

Flipping through our photos from the past couple of weeks I came across these amazing Alpacita gauntlets! Whose hands are these? Wendy? In any case I love the way the colors are spiraling around the arm, absolutely gorgeous and incredibly warm!

Lisa J, did you make these?

The pattern is interpreted from "Fetching" in the Summer 06 issue of Knitty.

And here is Mary doing an amazing amount of hairpin lace!