Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hey everyone, the Socksational Sock Race is coming to a close. And Sherry has kicked all of our butts. I failed miserably and have reconciled myself to the fact that while I love buying sock yarn I do not love knitting socks apparently. Tomorrow at knitting circle (live) we shall shower Sherry in her winning socky gifts. Pictures will be posted. Also, Krista C. wherever you are we have a prize for you for daring to wear your handknit socks in 85 degree weather. I hope you all enjoyed the socky fun, and all the free patterns and stuff. Soon, hopefully, any day now we will have revamped the RYC Sock Boutique to have some of our new sock yarns on it since so much new stuff is coming in. In the meantime, get your sock fix this weekend at Rosie's Sidewalk Sale! We'll have lotsa stuff on sale, really good prices! Saturday 9-5, be there or be spending more money on yarn somewhere else.

Monday, July 30, 2007


My sock race socks are done, just in time.



Friday, July 27, 2007

Did someone say Black Bunny?

Hello all and welcome to the final installment of Socksational July. We are going out in style this time, our yarn of the week and free pattern are courtesy of Carol from Black Bunny Fibers! Whoo-hoo! Check here to order the yarn (there is only one skein of each color so get it while it lasts!) and click on the image below to download pattern.

Monday, July 23, 2007

On to the cuffs

I have the two cuffs to finish in a week!
(mopping the floor may be further delayed).

Friday, July 20, 2007

Socksational Sock of...next week.

Seriously, I am so behind! Don't kill me! I promise that I will have a new pattern and everything up ASAP, but probably not until Monday. ACK!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I thought I'd post a sock race update. I changed my mind on the Tofusies and switched to some orange Koigu. I'm pretty sure I saw some of this color still at Rosie's last week if you like it. It's slightly more 'Caution Cone' in person, and I have to keep myself from buying more of it.

Some sunshine right there on my feet to chase away those future Winter Blahs.

I normally work on US1 needles for socks, but I really don't like working with this yarn that tight. This means I'm off gauge and will have to think a minute about the rib when I get to the cuff.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Socksational Sock of the Week

We have another lovely FREE sock pattern for your enjoyment. I have finally finished the pattern for these suckers, and it's proof that I do in fact knit two socks, sometimes. Especially when the gauge is 5.25 sts/1".

Click on the picture for a pdf of the pattern. In the future you can go to www.smithislandpatternfactory.com to purchase the pattern for $6. Let me know via my blog or in the comments here what you think! And if you need yarn, and who doesn't?, go here to purchase the yarn!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sock Race Start Over

I frogged a couple inches on my sock. The rib pattern just wasn't showing up enough to make it worth the effort. After a brief conference with My knittin' buds, I decided this Tofusies colorway is just going to be a plain sock.

I have some subtle variegated tangerine Koigu I'm going to replace it with. Now it will be a challenge since I have to start over-I'm the slowest sock knitter known to man. However, maybe with the Koigu I can use a US2 needle...

Friday, July 06, 2007

New Free Pattern of the Week!!!

This week we bring you the second installment of the Socksational July sock pattern of the week. "Ode to Eames Mosaic Socks", the first of (hopefully) many patterns from Zeitgeist Yarns Knitting Patterns.

Click on the photo below for a link to the .pdf. Enjoy!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

My entry

Hello! As some of you have seen I'm making The undulating rib pattern from Favorite socks.

It's in Tofutsies and I'm changing it to toe-up and a short row heel.

I adore the rib pattern so far, but sadly the yarn is less striped and more variegated (at least at my gauge). I don't think it's going to show a lot. It does add texture and knitting interest, so I think I'm going to press on. I may want to make it again in something like a semi-solid.

Sock fun

I'm sorry I missed Sunday at the shop - but I am at the shore and brought along lots of sock yarn, so I am working along with you! Right now I am working on my second pair of helix hiker socks - I brainstormed how to eliminate the jog between rows (which resulted in either 6 knit or 6 purl stitches instead of the usual 3 knit 3 purl -- I did my one inch of 3x3 rib on 72 stitches, then the first row of the helix pattern, I took the first six stitches and reduced them to 3 by purling 3 together - the 69 stitches result in an uneven number, so that the jog is gone! I am so proud of my clever self.


My sock race dreams

I am going to attempt to actually begin and end TWO socks instead of the one or 1/2 a sock that I usually manage to finish. Kate's mosaic socks (coming soon as a free socksational sock pattern) need test knitting and they are freakin' awesome (to use Kate language) so I have agreed to check the sizing for a size 7. And, damnit, I will finish them!!
Sunday was great by the way! Thanks to all who came!