Sunday, October 19, 2008

claudia, the pile of leaves

sorry to be posting as "knithappy" again but i don't use blogger for anything but this blog and have a slippery hold on my identity herein.

i am amber, and here is my daughter claudia, previewing her halloween costume. she is a pile of leaves. notice the rake. it is the most important part of the costume, if you are claudia, anyway.

all the leaves are knit from manos del uruguay. quite a few of them are knit from color 121, "cornucopia", of which one might say i am particularly fond. there is a machine-sewn shell under the body, headpiece, and both feeties of the costume. the leaves were then handsewn onto the shell. she is wearing a brown turtleneck onesie and brown cableknit stockings from baby gap underneath.

she can't fit into her stroller in it, but give her the rake and she is happy to sit in one spot and just be a pile for a good long time.