Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hey everyone, the Socksational Sock Race is coming to a close. And Sherry has kicked all of our butts. I failed miserably and have reconciled myself to the fact that while I love buying sock yarn I do not love knitting socks apparently. Tomorrow at knitting circle (live) we shall shower Sherry in her winning socky gifts. Pictures will be posted. Also, Krista C. wherever you are we have a prize for you for daring to wear your handknit socks in 85 degree weather. I hope you all enjoyed the socky fun, and all the free patterns and stuff. Soon, hopefully, any day now we will have revamped the RYC Sock Boutique to have some of our new sock yarns on it since so much new stuff is coming in. In the meantime, get your sock fix this weekend at Rosie's Sidewalk Sale! We'll have lotsa stuff on sale, really good prices! Saturday 9-5, be there or be spending more money on yarn somewhere else.


karleary said...

Yes, Sherry did kick my butt, despite the fact that I had TWO weeks of vacation in July. If you count not liking the beginnings of a sock and abandoning them, I probably made 6 pairs, but as it stands, I completed one pair, but don't think that counts as I just finished the last little bit in July. The pair I started in July has one sock finished and about an inch on the second one - which isn't bad. Rhiannon is the major reason for my shortfalling - doing 4 inches of cable (inside out) at about 120 stitches (to go around my upper calf) took way too much effort. They are now in a put away so I don't burn the yarn pile.

Sherry W said...

Thanks Rosies Staff, for the fun and the great free patterns! Carol's is on my to do list very soon.

Karen, you picked a much harder pattern though. You can usually knit rings around me.

karleary said...

I do have to admit that I:

finished one pair (but they were 95% done on July 1, so they don't count)

started and disliked two pair

started the knee sized cable braid of Cookie's Rhiannon

got 3/4 of the way through a pair of Mystic Sea socks

but in your defense:

I had TWO weeks of vacation in July
and I commute an hour to work each day - so I really should have finished ONE pair - sheesh!

You rock hun!

Jill Manning said...


How are thiose TT requirements going...don't think that just because I am in India that I have forgotten about you.