Monday, July 02, 2007

Sock fun

I'm sorry I missed Sunday at the shop - but I am at the shore and brought along lots of sock yarn, so I am working along with you! Right now I am working on my second pair of helix hiker socks - I brainstormed how to eliminate the jog between rows (which resulted in either 6 knit or 6 purl stitches instead of the usual 3 knit 3 purl -- I did my one inch of 3x3 rib on 72 stitches, then the first row of the helix pattern, I took the first six stitches and reduced them to 3 by purling 3 together - the 69 stitches result in an uneven number, so that the jog is gone! I am so proud of my clever self.



Courtney said...

what book/website is that pattern from?

karen said...

It's Maggie's Rag's Light Helix Hiker Socks - I bought the pattern at Sheep and Wool two years ago.

Sherry W said...

Have a great vaycay Karen!