Monday, March 30, 2009

Joan McGowan-Michael's Alyce

Last year, I took a class at Rosie's, and anxiously ordered yarn to make Joan's Alyce Sweater. It is lacy and made of Classic Elite Premiere, a luxe creamy shiny cotton that I just love! I had a hard time getting started (think of the recent Yarn Harlot post about not being able to cast on the right number of stiches over and over). By my ravelry notes, I had ripped back to row four on March 1st, so everything past the 4th row has been knit in the last month, while I was watching tv. I've actually finished the back and am starting the two small (21 stiches) x 8" pieces that go over the shoulders and come down near the lace panels to finish up the top of the arm holes. Some sleeves, and this will be ready to wear for summer!

And lately, I am in total grandmom baby love mode. Gabe came down to have lunch with me on Friday, and I happened to have plans to meet with Courtney and Clyde, so there was a playdate. Gabe was very interested in Clyde. But Clyde, having just learned how to walk, and seeing some steps, really wasn't that into Gabe.

Clyde and Gabe

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Karen said...

Ok, this has shamed me -- I am going to sew the sleeves on this sweater before I allow myself to cast on another project!